The Ship to Happiness

It was 1425. The ship had its steamers on; filled with treasures unimaginable and all the passengers on board, the captain gave instructions to start the journey towards the island of happiness at the scheduled departure… He navigated the ship so efficiently that one could not tell the ship and the ocean apart…
They were following the ship in a fleet of submarines.. Waiting for the correct time to attack… However, the captain caught their movement and ordered the crew to draw out the cannons trying to gage the size of the enemies. They were unmatchable in size and arms but they didn’t know the direction. The captain decided to change direction and try and lose trail in the dense forests. The head of the pirates understood his endeavour and shouted their war cry commencing the fierce battle. It was a battle between the good and the bad or in a way the haves and have nots. By sunset they conquered the ship searching for the captain. The captain was busy in his cabin destroying the maps and notes of the route to the island. The pirates captured and slaughtered him. With this, the way to the island of happiness got lost and as 60 decades passed it became a story of awe and mystery. The island of happiness still lies in the dark today uninhibited by human beings and thus managing to stay happy…



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