Photo Essay – Kids on the Beach


Sunday, a day one is absolved of one’s responsibilities and gets some me time. Sundays are very special in Mumbai. People used to come out, roam around and spend time with family, friends, share moments, happiness, jokes… But this has changed with the increased poaching of time by technology. Emotions have been reduced to emoticons on Chat Apps, jokes to trolls and memes, family time cut to official get togethers. When was the last time you checked on your neighbours; do you even know who lives across the door!? Leave that, when was the last time you really observed your friend’s face rather than his profile pic? When was the last time you sat together with your grandparents to have a conversation of how they led their lives and took their advice? When was the last time you met new people, strangers and made new friends? When was the last time you gave a thought to what you really like to do in life? We have lost our freedom to think, dream and be what we have envisioned thanks to the constant grapevine. There’s no privacy left, life is an open account on facebook and we forget we are not only what we show there, but there’s much more to us. We need to invest time and nurture ourselves, our passion, our relations rather than spending time online. How many times do we notice the sun set daily rather than over instagram?

The thought of being happy and experiencing sunset first hand made me pick up my DSLR and head towards Juhu Beach. It was a beautiful golden evening. Some kids were playing on the shore; totally engraved in themselves, in the sea water, watching the sun set over the horizon of darkening skyline of concrete buildings, IN THE MOMENT – THE PRESENT…. Neither worrying about the future nor cursing about their past. They didnt have much to hold on, were from the nearby slums, but definitely knew how to make the best of the present. Their mischief, genuine happiness, bonding, giggling, voices kept echoing on my way back home and made me laugh at myself. How we think having all materialistic things – money, designation, status in society makes us happy whereas the facts state otherwise. Happy is a man who he has nothing – as he has no fear of losing anything; which makes him imbibe faith on laws of nature, and make peace with what opportunities come his way… Its only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anythingand take life as it comes up, living each and every moment!!

On this note, lets endeavor to not get carried away and sucked into the rat race and follow what matters the most – your dream. And when you do get carried away,  accept the same without any hard feelings or anxiety and again chose living in the present rather than rolling in the past / future. Keep observing and keep learning. Tc!












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