We need approval for all decisions we take in life, so the decision which is finally taken is not ours at all; when we realise it we blame ourselves for not having believed our instinct. Approval…. Our entire society runs on it. So, there is a neighbour who wanted to explore and wander in the world like a shepherd who succumbed to the society’s nitigrities and family pressure and became a businessman making money, he never wanted that, he is unhappy… But to the society he is considered to be wealthy hence happy. So the society has its people doing things they never wanted to, hence it doesn’t progress, it will go on decaying until there occurs a day of revolution and people fight against it, they start believing in their dreams and go forward to attempt to fulfil them; and once they start believing in themselves,sky is the limit… It will lay the edifice on which a better society will stand on : where people will do what they want to… Without approvals….




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