Doom’s Day

On a horseback a puny King

As stoic as he could be,

Set out on a battle

To face his deadliest Enemy.


The horse looked as regal as him

Decked up from head to toe,

His blinkers blinded him to such an extent

That he underestimated his foe!


The soldiers were in full form

All time by his side,

These wild enthusiasts, to say the least

Expected to retain their King’s pride.


Instead of war cry and trumpets

Echoed music from dhols and shahnai,

The soldiers geared up for a battle

Much more difficult to tackle than the Sagai!


Finally they came face to face

With an opposition so fine,

Being armed with flowers and diyas

They looked very divine!


The King stepped forward valiantly

Without any hesitation or fear,

He then waited in the mandap

With baited breath since her entry was still in arrear.


Alas, there comes the Queen

With so much of elegance and grace,

And a smile so beautiful

That it lit up her face!


The eye contact made him go weak in the knees

His confidence was almost shattered,

They were fighting a losing battle

But, at that time, nothing, but her mattered!


But little did he know

That she had fallen for him completely,

Her heart reached out to him

She was in love, to put it accurately!


He came, he saw, he conquered

And was meekly followed by

The Queen, who took with him seven promises

Forming a bond on which they could rely!


He thought he had attained victory

And would rule for the rest of his life,

But little did he know that for eternity

He would be dominated by his wife!!


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