Source of Reference

Our lives revolve around and dwell on our own way of thinking, what we feel, experience and understand, thus it is very subjective and prejudiced due to which we are not able to understand the actual situation; but we really do trust our take on the situation as the situation itself. Like a derivative is based on an underlying asset, we forget the same about our perception and thus starts the cycle of misunderstanding, expectations, wrong interpretations and misery. Life is not a novel where the author describes all characters weaved around the hero and takes you through the hero’s experiences, his insight and his beliefs. In the real world everybody are authors of their respective stories; so there are so many stories going on together and people relate to people in their lives accordingly labelling them as they move ahead creating a gap between reality and the perception of it. People forget novels are FICTION…




One thought on “Source of Reference”

  1. Yes, I know this… people usually forget novels are a fiction… In one of my stories, I expressed/described a place, people believed that it was true and they went to find it in the Ida Mountains… 🙂 Thank you, and also Thanks for visiting my blog, with my love, nia


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